I Almost Died Today

Almost died in the themepark today. The past few days in n djamena chad have been the worst days of my entire life and i ve had a miserable time here.

Omg A Customer Almost Died In Front Of Me Today But Then I Counted To 10 And Put The Scissors Back In The Drawer She Never Ev Funny Images Laugh Haha Funny

So i m playing 4 sqaure havin a good time and then boom one of the gym s lights exploded the light over my.

I almost died today. I almost died by and indian driving a porsche. Out of nowhere in a blink of an eye the water suddenly got much higher and my feet swept up from under me. The scary thing is that we were inches away from a metal anvil that if we had fallen on it would ve died instantly and if the fall had been 28 feet rather than 24 the mortality rate is 50.

Yes i am reposting this question. My brother broke 4 vertebrate. That s when i felt something stick to the roof of my mouth.

Yes you read that right. Never in my life have i been more scared. Hi i m 14 years old and these details apply to the story i swear but we re 5 9 and 5 11 and i live in a city that is primarily people who microsoft brings from india so a lot of the people are new drivers and or are terrible drivers with hella nice cars so we re stopped at a cross walk and we look both ways and begin crossing and.

There is this gorgeous spanish boy i have a huge crush on over with the 4 square gang. I almost died today. My poles and my thunder thighs saved my life.

I am the only girl who plays it along with a bunch of mexicans. I almost died today. I almost died today.

This is a story about how i almost died today. I did something stupid on the spur of the moment and it almost resulted in my death. I jumped up with my almost fractured tailbone and sprained arm and ran inside to my dad and mom who are physicians they called 911 and we got treated.

I love to play 4 square in that class. I m the strapping hero who gets shot in an armed robbery while defending a defenceless old woman. So i used my finger to try and pry it out.

I feel completely dazed confused. I thought maybe it was a hard piece of crust but i couldn t get it unstuck. I was in a flash flood.

I have always imagined my death. I am a freshman in highschool. If you enjoyed this video check out more here.

Http goo gl rne9ob check out my merc. I stupidly wasn t paying attention while driving at a train intersection i drifted onto the train tracks without realizing the warning lights were flashing. Almost all the boulders were covered with water and there didn t seem like any easy area to go through.

I was eating a very yummy pizza at a very popular restaurant. Today i almost died. I nearly got run over by a train.

I still haven t stopped shaking. I was driving into town when i saw something i was sure had blown off my husband s truck one of his scarecrow balloons he uses in our blueberry patch. I took a bite and started chewing.

I almost died today.

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