Vss Sniper Rifle

The vss is the weapon most readily identified in georgia and the system will not operate for more than one round with the suppressor removed as it was not intended to be fired with the suppressor removed. The vss vintovka snaiperskaja specialnaya винтовка снайперская специальная special sniper rifle is a russian sniper rifle made specifically for the spetsnaz.

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винто вка сна йперская специа льная tr.

Vss sniper rifle. It is a silenced sniper weapon intended to support urban or other close quarter scenarios. In use with spetsnaz from every russian defense division the vss is a very appreciated weapon for stealth undercover or clandestine operations. The abbreviation stands for vintovka snayperskaya spetsialnaya.

The soviet made vss vintorez is a special sniper rifle using subsonic 9x39mm heavy sp5 bullets or sp6 armor piercing cartridge. Suppressed sniper rifle for special purpose forces. Grau designation 6p29 also called the vintorez russian.

The vss vintorez is a designated marksman rifle produced in the former sssr. The vss vintorez винтовка снайперская специальная. Vss vintorez is a suppressed sniper rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9 39mm sp5 cartridge and armor pierc.

It was designed at the same time as the as val assault rifle for similar purposes and with similar construction. The rifle is made for stealth attacks and can be stripped down and fitted inside a customized briefcase. Thread cutter tap is a suppressed designated marksman rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9 39mm sp5 cartridge and armor piercing sp6 cartridge.

This dmr makes use of 9mm bullets. Vss stands for vintovka rifle snaiperskaya sniper. Special sniper rifle grau index 6p29 is a soviet suppressed sniper rifle firing the subsonic 9 39mm cartridge.

Its design is directly based on the as val. Vintóvka snáyperskaya spetsiálnaya lit. Primarily it is used by russian spetsnaz forces to launch a stealth attack on the enemy.

Vintovka snaiperskaja specialnaya lit. The vss vintorez is chambered in 9 mm caliber and it is still very popular among spetsnaz russian special forces operators. Vss is that one gun in the sniper category that comes with a prefixed 4x scope and a suppressor.

The vss vintorez is a silenced sniper rifle that makes use of a permanent silencer assembly as well as specially developed subsonic ammunition. The vss vintorez is based on the vikhr but the receiver has notable differences and they do not interchange. The type shares nearly the same contours as the as val silenced assault rifle which was developed at the same time.

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